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Yvette Le Blowitz

Yvette Le Blowitz is a Self Help Motivational Speaker.

She speaks from her own heart and soul and draws from her own personal journey of what is was like to be an Aussie Farmer and to practice no self care to now creating a life that centres around practicing self care to help prevent burn out. 

From Aussie Farmer to Spa Blogger, Best Selling Author, Travel Presenter, Podcast Host and founder of #spaitgirl a global community for people who love to visit the spa.

She speaks at corporate events, on radio, tv, podcast shows and social media about the importance of self care and she teaches people how to cultivate their own self care rituals so they can feel good from within. 

She talks on topics from Self Care, Self Love, Mental Health and Wellness, Happiness, Body Positivity, Mindset, Life Long Learning, Spa Travel, Serving Others and how to create a dream from your own imagination. 

She empowers her audience to become bigger than their fears, to step outside their comfort zone, to believe in their own self and inner greatness and with her positive energy and natural beauty down to earth Aussie Smile being in her presence will instantly make you feel good and after listening to one of her talks you will feel inspired and empowered to run towards your own dreams and to create your own happy, healthy life that you truly deserve. 

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